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National Brand
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A national brand is a productdistributed and sold nationwide. It is often nationally advertised with strong customer loyalty. It can be any brand marketed throughout a national market. National brands are owned and promoted usually by large manufacturers.

Brand name used by a manufacturer whenever that product is sold. For example, Del Monte is a national brand for food products. In contrast, many marketers offer products under a variety of brand names called private labels, unique to each distributor  or retailer. National brand marketing requires greater advertising expenditure on the part of the manufacturer to compete with lower-priced private label brands. If consumer  preference for the national brand is strong, then pricing can be high enough to support the additional advertising and provide the desired profit margin. National brands are often perceived to be of higher quality and can therefore demand a premium price. Many national brands are now experiencing a loss of market share to private label brands as a result of the narrowing quality gap.

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