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Retail Contract Leakage. Where does it come from and how can we stop it?
Congratulations, you have used your e-procurement tools effectively and awarded the business to a new supplier!...
Welcome To SafeSourcing
SafeSourcing is an e-procurement company offering a complete procure-to-pay suite of applications under the SafeSourceIt™ banner that reduces costs, improves efficiency and extends the reach of your current procurement organization. The heart of our family of products is our eSourcing tools which includes our popular reverse auction technology. Our historic ROI is greater than 10x and in many cases companies receive an ROI on their subsequent roll-out during the pilot stage.
SafeSourcing Wiki

The SafeSourcing Wiki can be used by businesses as a means of providing affordable and effective procurement knowledge management and transfer. Registered members may search for, edit or add frequently used terms in the procurement area. We look forward to your input.


"We would not be where we are with our
         Indirect Spend if it were not for Safesourcing."
-Sr. VP FINANCE of $20B Distribution Company